Dr. Brad Heimer
Dr. Brad Heimer

CrossFit Level 1

Doctor of Chiropractic

20+ years Experience in the Fitness Industry

East Central University Chemistry Degree

10+ years CrossFit Programming Experience

Head Programmer/Coach

Dr. Brad Heimer

Dr. Heimer has an unmatched passion for CrossFit and decades of experience to match. He began his CrossFit journey at one of the largest affiliates in Texas and brought his expertise, combined with extensive knowledge of the human body, back to Oklahoma. He has lead CrossFit Unforgiven to countless CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Strongman Titles over the course of the last 10+ years he has been leading our programming. He not only leads, but does so by great example.

Dr. Heimer's passion is rooted in serving others. By day, he sees and heals patients at 580 Sports Medicine, and by night, he leads people to take care of their body on a long term basis. He is driven to continue his knowledge, constantly striving to learn and adapt. In a world plagued with sickness, he provides a North Star to all those willing and ready to make a life altering change.