Sarah Heimer
Sarah Heimer

Squat: 325 lbs

Clean & Jerk: 205 lbs

Deadlift: 345 lbs

Snatch: 165 lbs

Bench: 220

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 1 certification

CrossFit Level 2 certification


17+ Years Of Personal Training Experience

Gym Owner

Head Coach

Sarah Heimer

About Coach

Coach Sarah is a lifelong athlete. Her journey began in childhood. She loved sports and continued to play on a collegiate level. After college, she began long distance running, and then began her martial arts career as a Professional MMA Fighter & Boxer. After retiring, she transitioned into the strength and conditioning world. Once she found CrossFit, in 2013, she never looked back. Her passion for upholding standards and leading people to a healthy, active lifestyle is unmatched.

Turning Point

After a career changing shoulder injury in her last professional boxing match, Coach Sarah was lead to CrossFit as a means to regain strength post rehab. She absolutely fell in love and immediately began taking steps to help share the CrossFit methodology with as many people as possible. Over 10 years later, she is still spreading the message of health and active wellness.

Motivation & Passion

There are many things that Coach Sarah is passionate about, but none as much as teaching you how to have fun and love transforming your body and lifestyle into one that lets you be fully present and active into every age and stage of your life. She is a competitor at heart and will put the same drive and dedication into every one of her athletes. She has experience helping people be active in all stages of life and fitness. Your wins are her wins and she will celebrate with you every chance she gets.